What is the situation currently?
Many people who have lived and worked in the UK previously can make retrospective National Insurance contributions of up to 16 years. The contributions are not expensive and they increase your entitlement to the UK State Pension which is very valuable.
When is the deadline?
5th April 2023
What changes on the deadline?
After the deadline, you will be limited to making a much smaller number of contributions. This would be a massive opportunity missed for long-term returnees from the UK to Ireland or for people immigrating from the UK to Ireland for the first time.
If you haven’t applied already, what actually needs to be done before the deadline?
You need to submit a correctly completed Form CF83 asap to HMRC. Please note, that if you are near, at or after state pension age, the form needs to be returned to a different department.
Will it be possible to pay my contributions after the deadline if HMRC don’t reply before it passes?
HMRC have confirmed they will honour all correctly completed applications received before the deadline even if their processing time means their response and your contributions follow after.