UK State Pension

We help our clients establish their entitlement to the UK State Pension and advise on how to increase it.

The full pension currently pays about £10,000 a year from age 66 until death. Over the life of the typical pensioner, the payments received are over £200,000. 

The pension can be claimed in addition to and without impact on your Irish State Pension.

Unlike private pensions, the pension is unaffected by investment markets. The pension is awarded on the basis on your record of National Insurance (NI) contributions, up to a maximum of 35 years. 

We can typically get a result for anyone who has worked in the UK for more than three years. The process involves two steps: completing documentation for HMRC and then making voluntary NI contributions.

It is currently possible to add up to 16 years in one go to your record of NI contributions. The one-off cost can be as low as £2,500. 

URGENT – This window closes on 5 April 2023 for all future recipients, regardless of current age.

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